About Me

Mel loves building things that connect people.

As a web developer & social media enthusiast, Mel is passionate about building & supporting online communities.

Mel got his start in web development building an online community to keep his overseas childhood friends in touch, years before Friendster & MySpace were a thing. In college, Mel founded & maintained a basketball online community for four years until it was acquired.

During the MySpace craze, Mel led the product design & direction of a software platform startup which enabled other businesses to have their own white label social network.

On the side, Mel produced two benefit concerts in San Diego to bring together local & online communities, showcase rising YouTube talent, provide a platform for undiscovered local musicians, inspire music in today's youth, and raise money for charity.

Currently working at a creative agency in Newport Beach, Mel is dedicated to building enterprise-level websites for higher education & college communities.

When Mel is not working, he's probably taking pictures of his food, staying on top of Apple rumors, learning salsa at the local dance studio, or perfecting his jump shot on a Nerf basketball hoop.